Windows for Linux Geeks: Common adminstrative command line shortcuts

Most Windows Server 2012 admininstrative tasks are invoked in one of two ways: via the “control” command or via MMC snapins with a .msc file extension.  The major ones are:


Control program and direct executables.  Note that sometimes you need the .cpl extension:

File explorer                       explorer
Main Control Panel                  control
Main Administrative Tools           control admintools
Users and Passwords                 control userpasswords
Printers                            control printers
Firewall                            control firewall.cpl

MMC Snapins.  Note that the .msc extension is optional.

Active Directory Users & Computers  dsa.msc
Group Policy Management             gpmt.msc

Backups                             wbadmin.msc
Computer Management                 compmgmt.msc
Device Management                   devmgmt.msc
DHCP Management                     dhcpmgmt.msc
Disk Management                     diskmgmt.msc
DNS Management                      dnsmgmt.msc
Event Viewer                        eventvwr.msc
File Shares                         fsmgmt.msc
Hyper-V                             virtmgmt.msc
Performance Monitor                 perfmon.msc
Services                            services.msc
Task Manager                        taskmgr.msc
Task Scheduler                      tasksched.msc