Facebook Reputation Management: Control photo tagging: How to control others tagging your image in their photos.

At first glance it’s great that Facebook provides photo tagging for friends to share their current and past life.   Unfortunately, it’s also a great way for your friends to cost you a job or your business if you’re pictured in any activity an employer or important client or customer might consider inappropriate, offensive, or just irritating.   The activity doesn’t even have to violate general-accepted social norms.  For example, a teacher was recently fired when school administrators came across an image of her at a Halloween party dressed in a pirate’s costume simply standing there holding a beer in a photo posted and tagged in another Facebook user’s account.

Fortunately, Facebook allows you to have tight control over who can see photos tagged of you by other users, though it can’t control photo tagging completely.    As with just about every other Facebook privacy issue you have to opt-in to privacy.

In photo tagging preferences select:

  1. Settings
  2. Privacy -> Manage
  3. Privacy -> Profile
  4. Photos Tagged of You ->
    1. My Network and Friends
    2. Friends of Friends
    3. Only Friends
    4. Customize…
“Only Friends” might be enough for the mildly paranoid.  However, if you’re running for political office or operate in a politically or morally intolerant environment select Customize…
1. Customize ->
  • Friends of Friends
  • Only Friends
  • Some Friends
  • Only Me

Note: You can also customize who can view your photo albums.