11 Favorite, Useful, and Totally Cool Google Search Tips

There’s a lot more to Google search than just typing words in the search box and hoping some relevant results pop up.  Google has lots and lots of really useful advanced search operators that can be divided into two groups. The first group broadens overly restrictive search terms to get more results or restricts overly broad searches when there are too many irrelevant results.   The second group implement just plain nifty specialty searches and tasks:

First, the operators to refine basic searches:

1> Automatically search for synonyms, prefix with a tilde:

2> Exclude an irrelevant word or exact phrase, prefix with a minus sign:
          -“bad dog”
3> Require a relevant word or exact phrase, prefix with a plus sign:
          +”cute cat”
4> Search for a numerical range use “..”.  For a price range use the appropriate currency symbol:
         jackets $100..$200
5> Restrict search to a site prefix  with “site:” and the url or url fragment:
6> Google indexes all sorts of files, including MS office.  To restrict to one type, ust the “filetype:” operator.
         budget line items filetype:xls
Now for the nifty specialty uses:
7> Find current local time in a place, prefix with “time in”:
          time in Los Angeles
          time in Springfield, Illinois
8> Finding the weather works the same way:
          weather San Francisco
9> Physical unit conversion, just incorporate “in”.  Some quite archaic or exotic units and conversions are supported:
            12 kg in pounds
            11 oz in millileters
            2 km in furlongs
            1,000,000,000 miles in parsecs
            100 fathoms in furlongs
10> Currency conversion is basically the same as physical unit conversion, it works for both specific amounts               and to get the conversion rate in use at the moment:
            USD in euros
            US dollars in euros
            12 USD in Euros
            12 USD in Canadian dollars
11> Finally, you can work out  mathematical formulas. Use parentheses to resolve ambiguities in calculation                order or using word phrases:
            (2 + 2)/3
            (pi * 2) + log(3)
            2 + (4th root of 16) + sqrt(4)
      The complete Google calculator reference is here.